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July 2007 - Posts

SharePoint 2007 - Calculated Fields

I was reading thru some blogs, namely that of Kevin DeRudder, today.  He recently posted some information on calculated fields.  I get questions pretty often from clients on the available formulas when creating a calculated field. 
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What does it take to be an SharePoint expert?

As a SharePoint SME, I tend to get odd looks sometimes from people who clearly have no idea of all that is involved in the technology, let alone being a subject matter expert.  Most people think it's point and click and I have to say, that drives
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Using the Save site as template link on a publishing site

A colleague recently asked me if there was a way to save a publishing site as a template recently.  I responded by informing them that the "Save site as template" link is on the Site Settings page under Look and Feel.  He said it was not. 
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I'm an MVP now!

I am very happy and humbled to say that Microsoft has chosen to award me an MVP for Windows Server - Windows SharePoint Services.  I'll take this chance to thank some of the people who have helped me over the years, including Stacy Draper, Matt Ranlett,
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