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October 2006 - Posts

SharePoint 2007 - Web Part Property Categorization (or lack of)

I am currently working on a web part for a client.  The web part is pretty simple "looking" but does a lot under the covers.  I have built in validation, not only input validation but also database checks based on the input on the form and the
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SharePoint BUZZ

Are you part of the SharePoint BUZZ? I am. Check it out. SharePoint BUZZ
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SharePoint 2007 - Accessing User Profile properties

For my current project, I have a need to access custom mapped properties of a user profile.  In Office Server 2007, we can create additional profile properties. We do this in Shared Services Administration by clicking on "User profiles and properties"
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SharePoint 2007 Event Handlers - Some work, some don't.

Since late last year (2005), I have been playing with and testing the SharePoint 2007 betas.  Most of the testing I have been doing has been end user related thru the UI, I haven't done much development.  About 6-8 weeks ago, right before the time
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I now have Live Writer

So in theory I have run out of excuses to not blog, so this is a test post everyone can ignore :) More to come.
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