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Using SAP iViews with SharePoint 2007

One of the easiest ways to integrate SharePoint 2007 to SAP is using a predefined iView from SAP.  Of course this will display the same data and view that you would see in any other system that would display an iView, but it is a good start without any extra coding.

  1. First add an IView web part to the page.

  2. The next step seems like it should be easy.  Open the tool pane and select the trusted SAP portal server as well as the iView. 
  3. The problem is that the first time you are setting up your server you will get an error "No SAPĀ® servers are configured for this site. Contact your administrator to configure trusted SAPĀ® servers."  Don't worry you just need to set up your SAP server locations. 
  4. To set up the SAP server create a configuration file with the web location of the SAP server and the SSO application.  If you have the default installation of MOSS this will be under the folder C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office Servers\12.0\Config.  You will notice there is an example configuration file named TrustedSAPHosts.xml.sample, just rename the file to TrustedSAPHosts.config.  This will allow SharePoint to find the registered SAP servers.
  5. Inside of the xml configuration file there are two elements that have to be set: ServerURL (The server with port number of the SAP Server) and the SsoAuthentication (The SSO application in Central Administration site)

    <!-- This is from the config file -->
     <Server Name="SAPServer">
        <SsoAuthentication Name="SAP"/>
  6. Now go back to the web part and open the tool pane once again.  Simply select the SAP server to use and type in the name of the iView to display.

Published 10-09-2007 06:35 by Brendon Schwartz
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